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TyNik Molding, Inc. your number one plastic molding company near Faribault, MN, has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs and companies from a variety of industries prototype and mold their plastic products since 1985. Our capabilities range from helping you with initial design questions to high volume plastic molding of your parts. With the most advanced technology in the field, we help bring your ideas to life at an efficient rate and affordable price.

Injection Molding Machine

Prototyping Your Product

Save money, detect design flaws, and assess a variety of issues early on in your design phase with a plastic prototype from our company. You'll be able to evaluate the final costs of your parts while getting answers to any questions you have about the manufacturing process. Our prototypes are made to meet your specific needs and can be:

• Cast
• Machined
• Injection Molded

When your work with us to prototype your ideas, you get the full support needed to make your vision a reality. Our prototyping includes service such as:

• 2D-to-3D File Conversion
• Quick Lead Time Tooling
• Short Run Molds
• Simple or Complex Geometrics
• Variety of Materials
• Plastic Densities
• Fused Deposition Modeling

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Plastic injection molding is one of the most-used processes of manufacturing worldwide. Utilizing any combination of resins, thermoplastics, and metals, this process makes it easy to create a product that meets very specific design requirements. From the industrial and medical sectors to sporting and consumer goods, plastic molding is the most efficient and cost-effective way to create your items. Our molding capabilities include:

• Low Volume Molding of Plastic Parts
• High Volume Plastic Injection Molding of Parts
• Plastic Injection Mold Building
• Up to 8-Ounce Plastic Shot Capacity
• CNC Machining

Meeting the Needs of Industrial Applications

Plastic injection molding is used in many different areas of the industrial market. Our company has created a number of parts for the processes used in this field such as:

• 2-Shot Over-Molding
• Horizontal Injection
• Insert Molding
• Full Encapsulation Over-Molding
• Knobs & Components for Industrial Machines

Producing for the Medical Industry

Parts made by our molding process are utilized by millions in the medical industry thanks to their sterilization-friendly construction. We've made both permanent and disposable tools as well as equipment like IV drip fittings and machine components.

Making Everyday Consumer Goods

Fun and useful consumer items can easily be made through the process of plastic injection molding. From toys to furniture, get the merchandise you need efficiently and affordably.

Sports Equipment with Reliable Performance

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making sporting goods with our injection molding process. By utilizing sturdy plastics, we can manufacture an extensive array of goods such as:

• Skates
• Roller Blades
• Archery Supplies
• Baseball & Football Helmets
• Canoe Oars
• Camping Supplies
• Specialized Footwear
• Golf Accessories
• Swimming Gear Such as Nose Plugs & Goggles

Electrical Components for Variety of Uses

Whether you're an inventor, designer, or engineer, we help you get the electrical products you need for your work. Come to our plastic molding company near Faribault, MN for components such as:

• Wire Strain Reliefs
• Outlet Covers
• Cord Management Clips
• Adaptors & Clamps
• Switches